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well testing

We have the experience through our partners in designing and operating air-sparing, soil vapour extraction and above-ground water treatment facilities. We can design and implement the thermal processes and monitoring technologies your project may require.

Areas of unique experience include: Dynamic Underground Stripping (DUS), Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE), Hydrous Pyrolysis Oxidation (HPO) and Three and Six Phase Heating (TPH/SPH) The combined field experience of our team is unmatched in the commercial marketplace. Holding licenses to technology patents including DUS, SEE, HPO, ERT and TPH.

We also provide through our partners, in house, real time ERT thermocouple and fibre optic temperature monitoring systems ERT uses similar techniques as medical CAT scan technology, and permits imaging of subsurface processes. lt is a critical component of effective subsurface process control for large sites and overall successful thermal technology deployment.

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