Camco Global - Food

Camco Global Food Division, established in 1999, is now a leading Importer, Wholesaler, Distributor and Exporter in Kuwait, with diversified business interests in Food products, Beverages, and other FMCG products. Camco is expanding its retail, trading and food service operations regionally at high pace. That includes Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Iraq and wherever a lucrative opportunity arises. Our company has evolved its own innovative sourcing techniques, which have successfully contributed towards achievement of a high level of efficiency in speed of delivery, services and quality of products. With imports from all the major continents, supplies are brought-in by air, sea and land in dry, chilled and frozen varieties.

With more and more nationalities converging,  the importation of artisanal food items and fresh ingredients from all over the world has continually increased. More streamlined operations in food services have also led to the demand for easier and more convenient sources for ready-made, chilled and frozen food items. Our extensive market distribution caters to Union of Coops, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and Food Service sector.

Product Categories:
• Bakery
• Beverages
• Cheeses
• Delicatessen
• Ethnic
• Fresh Produce
• Gourmet
• Meats & Seafood & Poultry (Chilled & Frozen)
• Organic & Dietary